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Welcome to HopsnDrops

A message from our Founder, Mark Eggen

Dear Valued Guest,

Our CEO, Jeff Morgan, is often heard saying “May we always live in interesting times.” To say these times are interesting is, at best, an understatement! With that said we are clearly in wildfire season when it comes to staffing our restaurants. As a result, we find it necessary to take some extraordinary actions.

As all of us share the joy that the restraints of COVID-19 are starting to ease, and we are nearing the end of this terrible pandemic, a new phenomenon has presented itself.
As many of you have probably heard, restaurants across the country are having serious trouble staffing. Although in the past, HopsnDrops has experienced turnover, half of the industry average, we too are having issues.

As a result of this challenging environment, we have presented our individual General Managers with several options to better support their teams while still creating a great dining experience for our guests. The options will be based on what the local restaurant leadership feels can be executed with the least effect on our guests, while providing better work/life balance for our teams.

One of our primary goals is to maintain transparency with all our stakeholders. Certainly, you are high on that list.
A potential change in hours will start soon, but no later than Monday, June 14th. Individual restaurant’s adjusted hours will be posted on the restaurants Facebook page as well as on each market’s Instagram account and on Google.

We are hoping to have these issues resolved within 90 days and will adjust the individual hours of operations as the hiring pool returns to a more normal pattern.

Thank you for your patience, understanding and support,
Mark Eggen, Founder

Summer Fun. Summer Yum.

Chillin and Grillin All Summer Long


HopsnDrops is open daily for takeout! Our full menu is available including beer, wine & cocktails. Order a Growler TO GO! No contact, curbside pickup is available. Order & pay online, or call your favorite HopsnDrops location to place your order!


Have HopsnDrops delivered to your home or office
Our full menu is available for daily for delivery.
Enjoy breakfast Saturday & Sunday 8am-11am*

Add some beer to that order

HopsnDrops is now offering beer for takeout or delivery.

100% Angus Beef Burgers

We proudly serve hand-formed, 100% Angus beef burgers on fresh kaiser buns that are toasted to perfection. With thirteen delicious burger choices, we’re confident there’s a burger for everyone to love. Our #1 selling Deluxe Burger is the classic burger with all the traditional fixings. If you like ’em hot, go for a spicy Jalapeño Cream Cheese Burger. It’s amazingly delicious and dripping with flavor!

Our burgers are so delightfully messy that we wrap them in paper so you can savor every last bite (and your dignity!)  Since 2009 we’ve sold 1.6 million so we must be doing something right! Stop by today for a burger and a cold pint, you won’t be disappointed.

Backyard Beers

Our backyard beers are poured from iced taps at 34°. Yes, literally the taps extend from the bar top, encased in ice. If you haven’t seen this before, touch them! This phenomena is created by what is called a double glycol system, causing the taps to freeze. Only a handful of restaurants in the world have these.

Our staff enjoys talking “beer” with guests so ask them what’s on tap. We feature 16 local, unique craft beers along with our own brews.

Believe us, nothing is more refreshing than an iced cold beer at HopsnDrops!

Icy Drops & Cocktails

If you love a good lemon drop then you’ll be amazed by our icy drops! We serve them in a variety of fruit flavors including huckleberry, peach, mango, raspberry, blueberry strawberry, grapefruit and pineapple! These playful drinks are served at your table and poured from a shaker into a glass made of real ice!  Try one, they really are special!

Happy Hour

If you like happy hour, you’ll LOVE ours at HopsnDrops!  Not only do we do “happy” twice a day but we also offer happy hour in our bar AND DINING ROOM!

Enjoy a variety of craft cocktails, backyard beers and your favorite menu items all at great happy hour prices daily 2-6 & 9 to close.

Get happy happy happy with us at HopsnDrops!

Food that is different

Enjoy simple, classic, American food with a twist at HopsnDrops! Our burgers are simply the best, fresh, hand-formed, 100% Angus beef. We offer a varied menu including crispy salads, savory sandwiches, festive macs, south of the border favorites, homemade soups & more.

Every menu item we create is made in house with care, as if you’re a guest in our home.  Come hungry, we’re confident there’s something special on our menu for everyone!